The Spanish National Research Council (CSIC) is the largest public institution dedicated to research in Spain. We have provided communication consulting services for the media promotion of the exhibition «Grapevines, wine and the CSIC. Two centuries of research” at the Madrid Botanical Garden.
29 CSIC research centers participated, with collaboration from 9 wineries on the cutting edge of R&D.
Vega Sicilia, Freixenet, Herederos del Marqués de Riscal, Grupo Estévez, Bodegas Terras Gauda, Lustau-Grupo Luis Caballero, Borsao, Alto Moncayo and Abadía da Cova.
Our strategy calls for the diversification of information, linking the business image of the wineries to the different scientific groups and two broad areas of knowledge (humanities and experimental sciences), clearly showing the transcendence of the wine culture and grapevine as part of what makes the country unique.
In 3 months: 530 mentions in the press, magazines, digital media, radio interviews and TV reports