Since 2001, we have consolidated the International Biennial Terras Gauda – Francisco Mantecón Advertising Poster Competition as one of the most prestigious events on five continents, bringing together cutting-edge international artists in every edition.
More than 17,000 posters by designers from 96 countries have participated in the Biennial competition, forming part of the month-long exposition held in the Maritime Station of Vigo.
The business image of Terras Gauda capitalizes on the international prestige, acclaim and recognition associated with this top-level artistic initiative.
Promotion of the competition to more than 170,000 professionals, international associations of designers, universities and specialized media around the world.
Selection of the panel of judges for the biennial competition, which in its 13 editions have included the designers Javier Mariscal, Óscar Mariné, Alberto Corazón, Manuel Estrada, Isidro Ferrer, Pep Carrió, Emilio Gil, Roberto Turégano, José María Cruz Novillo and Pepe Gimeno.
Press conferences and press releases in different languages sent to international, national and regional media sources with information on the competition rules, the meeting of the panel of judges, inauguration of the exhibition and the award ceremony.
Organization of the awards ceremony, which gathers together more than 500 celebrities from the world of culture, society, politics and business.