What we do?

Press office

30 years of experience managing the relationship between companies and the media.

We create relevant messages so that your company is news, providing visibility and reputation for your brand.

At SPAC we plan a personalized communication strategy with the objective of maintaining a continuous presence in the media and its sector to propose diversified contents that we adapt to the different communication media in order to optimize the media impact.

The correct preparation and approach of the messages and our experience in dealing with the media, analysts and influencers in various sectors are key to efficient, cost-effective communication.

Content creation | Diversification of information

Writing, sending and tracking press releases

Interview and report management

Dialog with the media, analysts and influencers

Contacting the media | Press conferences

Organization of national and international press trips

Analysis and follow-up reports on the sector activity and results

Press kit | Clipping


We manage and supervise every aspect of events.

We select the perfect location, depending on the company and the nature of the event.

We create databases of attendees, send out the invitations and take care of the confirmations.

We aim for maximum media impact by distributing information, photos and videos to the local, national and international news media.

We take charge of matters related to protocol to ensure the event runs smoothly


People are the true capital of companies. Good internal communication makes it possible to reach your entire staff, involving them in your success and keeping them informed about the most important events related to the company.

We believe that strategic partners, suppliers, distributors and collaborators must also be regularly informed about important progress, achievements and news.

At SPAC, we advise you about what to say, how to say it and why. We design, write and send out corporate bulletins and newsletters so that everyone of interest receives information directly from the company.

and Digital Marketing

Internet and the social media have transformed they way we related to one another and consume goods and services.

The digital environment is a field of opportunities to establish trusting relations with your target audience, and at the same time they also represent a terrific showcase for your products or services.

At SPAC,we develop an online presence strategy that integrates social networks and the different channels available to strengthen the position of your brand.


Our vast experience in managing company crises in different sectors has given us the experience we need to know how to approach complicated situations with the news media and public opinion.

Our team has an immediate capacity for reaction, offering continuous, personalized advice from the very first moment. Taking the initiative and presenting an action plan based on truthful information to counteract the negative impact on a company’s image are two key aspects that we always keep in mind for effective crisis resolution.

Mining | Environment | Waste | Legal | Health | Distribution | Labor

Personalized advices
for executives

We help you prepare for corporate boards and top level meetings
You know better than anyone what you want to say, but…how? In what order? Where to start? At SPAC, we listen to you, we analyze the information you provide and we suggest the strategy to follow.

We structure and synthesize information for corporate presentations
We create contents adapted to different needs.

Public appearances: Consulting and script writing
They say that the best improvisation is a good script, and at SPAC , we totally agree.

We write scripts for press conferences and public events.

Spokesperson training
You’ve never had to do it before now, but the time has come and public speaking is a challenge for you. At SPAC, we help you meet it successfully.

We will give you the guidelines to follow: We will start by developing a good script; we will help you control the time of the presentation, where to put the emphasis, what points you should highlight and what your oral and body language should be like.

Participation in forums and conferences
If you’re interested in positioning yourself as an expert on a certain topic, we will suggest a strategy you can implement in several steps:

Monitoring the latest news to write and send out press releases to the media, based on your opinion to position you as an expert, is something that, depending on the activity, will also help you attract customers.


We make available to you the best national and international professionals in different fields. We mark the difference and achieve the objective of uniqueness for your company.